28 / 08 / 2019

What is the Protect

[Spoiler]: It’s a cutting-edge safety device that can accurately detect accidents.

What is the Protect

We understand that it can be difficult to let loved ones know if something has happened when you’re out on our own. Sometimes, it’s even harder to let them know exactly where you are. 


This is why we have created the Protect (shortened from the Tended Protect to make life simpler). This intelligent wristband monitors your movements and lets your trusted contacts know if you are involved in an accident. 


Farmer wearing black Protect


How does it work?


First, set up your profile within the Tended app. Add your health info and the emergency contacts you want to alert in the event of an emergency. Your health data is sent only to your trusted contacts in the event of an emergency and provides them with important medical information should they need to pass it onto first responders, including blood type, allergies and medical conditions.


Once your profile has been set up, select an activity from the list or create your own and select which safety monitoring features you want to activate:


  • Check-in - set how often you would like your Protect to check in with you. At these set intervals, your band will vibrate to check you are safe. Double-tap the screen to check-in.

  • Auto check-in - Again, set how often you would like your Protect to check in with you, and as long as it still detects movement at these intervals, it will check you in automatically. 

  • Fall detection - checks for falls or forceful impacts.

  • Movement detection - this feature allows you to set an amount of time that you should be motionless for before your Protect checks that you are safe.


If an accident is detected during your activity, your Protect will vibrate to check you’re ok. If there’s no response, an alert will be sent via your phone to your emergency contacts with your GPS location, activity info, health data and option to call through to your phone so you can get help as soon as you need it.


What makes us different?


We use artificial intelligence to accurately detect any unusual movements. By monitoring your movement patterns, Tended can gain an understanding of what is ‘normal’, so if anything abnormal occurs, such as a fall, forceful impact or period of no movement, it can be immediately detected. An alert is sent automatically if there is no response to the safety check, no manual activation needed. This ensures that your trusted contacts will be alerted, even if you are unable to send the alert yourself.


Woman wearing blue Protect on her wrist


Safety is our main focus, and we’re committed to creating the most effective personal safety device in the world.


When can I use the Protect?

The Protect is available to purchase within the UK from the 1st September with free shipping.  


We’ve got some exciting plans for Tended, and you can keep updated by following us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or signing up for email updates at tended.co.uk.