16 / 04 / 2019

We have Rebranded!

We are really excited to announce that we have refreshed our brand.

We have Rebranded!

Why Rebrand

Since our journey began, we have grown quicker than anyone anticipated. What started out as one person with an idea in 2017 has evolved into an award-winning company with a 22-strong team. We have created our products using some of the most advanced technology available and are now working alongside some of the world's largest companies to develop safety solutions for businesses. Last year was a huge year for us and this year is already proving to be even bigger, with over £1m recently invested into the company.



As we continue to grow, we paused for a moment to reflect on our brand and the meaning behind it. We realised that we’ve come a long way and felt that our former logo and colours hadn’t kept up, nor did they fully reflect the innovative nature of Tended and the tech within our products.



Our new logo

We feel that we have created something that reflects our company and our vision for the future. It represents our growth, a symbol of our evolution and forward-thinking nature.


During our design process, we kept a few ideas in mind:


- Safety


Everything we do at Tended is designed to help improve people’s safety. We felt that this was not expressed enough in our previous branding and have used blue for its associations with safety, calm and relaxation - exactly the kind of feelings we want people to experience when using our products.


Tended icon on blue background

- Tech


We use some of the most innovative technology to develop our products, although you probably wouldn’t have known looking at our old logo. We have kept things clean, simple, and modern, just like today’s tech should be.

- Simplicity


Tended’s products are easy and effortless to use. They are also unique, both in form functionality. This is something we wanted to capture within our new branding, with the shape of the logo symbolising the smooth edges of the Tended Protect.

Tended Protect on concrete

- Movement


We want people to continue moving forward and do the activities they love with peace of mind. In a slightly abstract way, the shape of the logo can be seen as someone taking a stride forwards, representing the ongoing motion that takes us through life.




What this means for you

Across our website, social media and articles, you’ll notice the look of Tended change to align with our new branding. We wanted to let you know first so that when you see our branding look a little different, you’ll know why.


Don’t worry, our name and offering remains the same. We are on a mission to make the world a safer place, which we want to do in style.


We’re thrilled with our new look and would love to know your thoughts. Feel free to drop us a line via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or email.