27 / 09 / 2019

5 tips for a happy workplace

Because happy employees are more dedicated and productive at work.


5 tips for a happy workplace

Even beyond productivity, companies with happier employees retain staff for longer, have employees with better mental health, and can even have their stock prices rise! Companies with happier employees can also outperform other companies by 20%.

With a range of benefits for both employer and employee, we’ve had a look around to compile a list of some of the easiest ways you can help create an environment for employees to thrive. 



 1. Consistent praise and recognition for good work


Employees who feel rewarded and appreciated are more likely to feel happy and want to stay with the company! 


Working at Tended


This could be as simple as sending a thank you email, or something a little more personal, such as posting a handwritten note to an employee’s home. You could take it even further and implement an ‘employee of the month / quarter’ scenario, where employees are rewarded with small gifts for their work. 



2. Incentivise wellness (and make it fun)


Try asking your employees if they'd like to raise money for a local charity, and let them brainstorm ways to raise the money. Sponsored walks, bike rides and hikes are always a favourite in the Tended office. 


Ride to work schemes or interoffice competitions for simple things such as step counts also encourage playful competitiveness, team bonding and will also help your employees feel happier and healthier. Ice the cake by offering free or subsidised gym memberships to encourage the team to get active! 



3. Offer perks


Studies show that employees increasingly value perks as well as traditional pay rises, and are commonly listed as reasons to stay with a company. The perks could range from free eye tests, private dentistry or medical care, or the chance to win vouchers to go towards holidays. 


Aside from memberships and gifts, employees consistently rate highly the option to work from home, flexi working (77% employees feel flexi working aids productivity), extra holiday days, or even small and inexpensive perks, including free company lunches or relaxed dress codes.


Employee working from home



4. Check your office environment


Employees whose surroundings are more inviting and comfortable tend to report feeling happier in the workplace. 


Try to make sure you have plenty of light, comfy desk chairs, plants and greenery to give the office space a brighter feel, and try to keep the office clean and tidy. A small overhaul such as touching up the paint and rearranging desks can make the space feel fresh too.


Where space permits, providing a comfy space with games, books, magazines and snacks on hand can help employees relax and refresh their mind, as well as encourage socialising! Employees also respond well to the provision of quiet spaces for those important do-not-disturb tasks.



5. Make sure employees find their work fulfilling


If work becomes dull, dry and monotonous, employees will look for alternatives. Allowing people to feed back anonymously, monthly or quarterly on what they liked or would like to improve about work and their environment can help you locate specific areas to improve.


Alternatively, learn to trust your employees more, micromanage less and encourage them to step out of their comfort zone by trusting them with new and different responsibilities, and provide training courses so they have opportunity to grow. 


Implementing the suggestions above can create an environment where employees feel appreciated, which can help create a happier, more productive workplace. A win-win situation for both employers and employees!