Accident and fall detection wearable for horse riders

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The Protect

We’re improving equestrian safety. The protect detects accidents and calls for help when no-one's around.

Fall detection

GPS location

No monthly fees

Automatically sends an alert when you're in trouble

GPS location

In the event of an emergency, your trusted contacts receive an SMS message with your GPS location.

Live audio

Trusted contacts can choose to call you to listen to the situation and talk to you through your phone’s loudspeaker.

Health and activity data

In the same alert, trusted contacts also receive your activity and health information.

Designed with safety in mind


When activated, the band will vibrate to check in with you at pre-set intervals. Double tap the screen to check-in as safe.

Accident detection

Set the Protect to monitor your safety and detect accidents, such as falls or impacts.

SOS call

Send for help anytime during an activity by holding the screen down for five seconds.

Motion detector

When enabled, your Protect will check for unusual periods of no movement and check to make sure you’re ok.

Privacy taken seriously

We never share your personal data. Your personal details and location are only sent to your chosen contacts if you have an accident.

No monthly fees

Because we send an emergency alert from your mobile phone, we never have to charge any subscription fees.

Data analysis

We use accelerometer data to identify unusual movement patterns, allowing us to accurately detect accidents.

Why Tended?

When it’s just you and your horse, personal safety is not always at the forefront of your mind. This is why we have created an automated personal safety solution, so you can focus more on the task at hand and less on your worries.

We want to give you the freedom to do what you love. A way to stay connected with loved ones, whether you’re out on a ride or at the yard.

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